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Codes written in C++ (Needs Improvisation)




Burgers Equation 1D

The existing bug has been removed also the SOR method is added to this code. You can vary the lengths and grid points in both x and y direction and choose the solvers of interest Jacobi, Gauss-Siedel or SOR using GS. Try to implement the different boundary conditions like Naumann boundary and mixed boundary condition's.These are codes  for Laplace equation in 1D and 2D  using Explicit Scheme with Jacobi and Gauss-Siedel Methods. These codes are written for constant Grid size and can be further modified to incorporate variation in grid sizes.  The output from the codes will be written in .vtk format and can be visualized using Mayavi2 or Paraview. 

I have used the following C++ Interface codes for GNUPlot  for plotting the results in the above code. This Gnu plot interface code I have downloaded from Internet.